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International Trainer Dr. Munzer Al-Haram

Trained in 45 countries on five continents, specialized in leadership development, interested in training bank employees and he has experience with the Bank of the Republic and certainty.

Thangaraj Ponnusam”


Seasoned IT consultant with over 23 years of expertise in implementing and developing the T24 system for commercial and treasury banks. With 11+ years of consulting experience in Temenos T24, he has contributed to diverse implementation projects, showcasing extensive skills in fund transfers, bank accounts, treasury units, and payment systems.

Al-Senussi Mohamed Al-Senussi

CEO of Moamalat Financial Services, Libyan Financial and Banking Industry Center. It manages the transactions of Libya’s largest electronic payments network that includes ATMs, points of sale and local and international payment channels. He has strong leadership and management experience in entrepreneurship with a special interest in the fintech industry. He had an MBA from the University of Cumbria specializing in Leadership and Sustainable Development and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Acadia University – Canada. During the past thirty years, he has played a key role in many organizations in various sectors including banking, electronic payments, finance, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Teja Zehani

an Actuary at the Insurance Supervision Authority in Libya , a member of the ATA and recognized by the International Actuarial Association (IAA), holding a master’s degree in statistical and financial engineering from Paris Dauphine University

Mohamed Ghodbane

International expert in Strategic Execution and Transformation. He has managed large projects at all the international leaders in the Telecom industry, Banking, Government and others.
• More than 20 years of experience in consulting (Strategic Management, Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management).
• President of TenStep Tunisia and France, Branch of TenStep INC WORLDWIDE.
• MBA in Project Management from Colorado technical university 2016.
• Certified “TSPM” TenStep Project Manager – Certified by TenStep Academy
• (MCT) Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2006.
• Senior Computer Engineer, National School of Computer Science, Tunisia.



Concorp Global Development Manager “TEMENOS” and AFS Agent. She graduated from Yildiz Technical University Department of Economics in English and worked as Director of Digital Banking at TNB BNP PARIBAS. Since 2017, she has been advising many companies in the fields of banking, finance and technology

Eng. Khalid Al-Bibus

Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the University of Tripoli in 1990 and a Master of Communication Engineering from the University of UKM Malaysia in 2004. Founder and CEO of Tripoli Masarat and Africa Masarat in Ivory Coast. An expert in the field of electronic payment, mobile banking and communication technologies, programmer, systems analyst, former university professor and former commercial director of Almadar. He has been working in the field of technical financial services fintech since 2005 and in the field of information and communication technology in general for more than 30 years.

Mohammed Ali Abdullah Alderat

President of the Libyan Foreign Bank LFB 2021
Member of the Board of Directors of Housing Bank /Jordan 2022
He served for two years as a member of Libya’s General National Congress and then served at the conference as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Planning, Budget and Financial Control in 2012.
He worked at Canon Solutions USA from 2018 to 2021.
Mr. Mohammed studied Communication and Data Management in 2000 and Business Administration in the same year.
He lived in Lexmark in 1997 and founded the Fortune 500 in the United States, which works on the production and development of technology. He also worked on the IT team until 2005 before co-setting up a subsidiary in the Middle East in 2006. He was promoted to the position of General Manager of Lexmark International Middle East in 2009, a position he held until January 2012

Mohammad khalas

He is a chartered accountant and certified auditor in fraud. He graduated in Accounting from the Higher Institute of Business Studies in Carthage and holds a Master’s degree in Accounting, Management and Auditing from the University of Paris Dauphine.
Mohamed graduated with honors and received the National Presidential Award in Accounting and Management in 2004. Mohamed started his career as an auditor with major international audit firms in Paris. Since 2009, Mohammed founded MKAC, and has performed many tasks in more than fifteen different countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Today MKAC provides consultancy services to private and public sector entities from various sectors

Abdelbasset Salem Al-Baour

The Chairman of the General Authority for Communications and Information Technology, who was nominated as one of the top 50 influential figures in Information Technology and Telecommunications in the Middle East and North Africa in 2022. 🥇 Mr. Al-Baour has focused on developing digital infrastructure in Libya and enhancing the use of Information and Communications Technology in both the government and private sectors.

Mr. Abdelhakim Ali Khammaj

Holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Banking from the Academy of Postgraduate Studies in Tripoli, where he presented his thesis on “Foreign exchange operations and modern developments in the international banking system.” He also holds a diploma in computer programming from the International School for Marketing Management and Sales in Britain, and a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the Faculty of Economics at Benghazi University.
Mr .Abdelhakim Khammaj has over 43 years of experience in the banking sector, where he has held leadership positions in a number of local and international banks. He has also worked as a consultant in banking governance for many financial institutions in the region.